A bad, bad day...

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I'm looking for words that will explain how I feel.
I'm so scared, so fucking scared to miss the rest of my life.
I'm not perfect, I´ve never try to be.
I know how useless every day can feel
How every heartbeat and breath burn you up inside
Getting lost in yourself and don´t find the way out
I know those moments when all you want is to give up
I know how it hurts to not know why it hurts
to bear all the scars until you fall
How tired you are of hearing all these good advice
I know how it feels to stand alone in the rain at the end
I also know that what you thought is the end
may be the beginning of love and life again
And you will find the strength to live one more day.


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Passar bra till dagens Rugbymatcher! :)
Var rädda om er där på plan, på festerna och efteråt! ♥
Modell: Karolina Louise Rönning
Photo: Annika Torstensson

Conny Bloom

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A few older photos from 2008! :)
Me and a friend went to Oskarshamn for a gig with some of the members from Electric Boys and Hanoi Rocks.
I found this when I looked for some other photos and have almost forgot this.
So here folks, some pics at Conny Bloom.
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