The creative process...

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Quite honestly, I wonder myself sometimes what I'm doing? Are the thoughts I have about a picture really okay to do? The images I'm doing now is screwed and will when they come out to become disputed. But I have to do it! I can not resist! It must come out and I get to fix it in the way I am made to do it.

The creative process has everything to do with an intuitive, emotional feelings approach. A technical instrument can never make a creative decision.This is reserved for the human mind. I´m not a technical photographer. I´m an artist and I´m myself, a original is always better than a copy! :)
The human mind makes an evaluation based on what you the artist likes or dislikes.
Of course I get inspired by other works, if not I´m dead. It´s the same with music and lyrics.

I´ve gone through the fire my whole life, (Periodically, life has been kind) and still do, day and night. This made me to the one I´m today and this shows in my photos and what i write. I´m not perfect but I do what i want to do. I´m blessed!
Working from my intuition and from my uniqueness can be an frightening place, because it open the door for criticism.
Maybe I will cry sometimes but you know what? I can take it!
This ones just don´t see what I see and maybe I will learn something from it! :)
But being swayed by the opinions of others is certain death to the artistic process. No one can be loved by everyone that´s included artists in all categorys. Same with people!
However, this is my visions! This is what´s on my mind, in my head and how I see things, people and life!
I hope you´ll like some of my works I´ve already done and the ones who will came out in the book in the future! :)
Love to you all from me! ♥
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