A bitter taste

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Music: Hannibal Lindsjö/Together Alone
Lyrics: Amina
A bitter taste

You loved, you laughed, you used to love life
When and where did it disappear
You hate, you cry, keep awake
darkness is around, night and day
A nightmare to be awake
One hell trying to sleep
Where is your hope and your faith?
When did joy turns to mess
Lust is gone, trust, no strength
It´s hard to see that you are gone
and he go on free from all
from this pain that is etched stuck in you forever

A bitter taste. A quiet desire for something else.
They say you can choose yourself and life.
A bitter taste. A quiet desire for something else.
Yeah, But really, my life sucks and who the hell am I?

like a needle stuck in your veins.
Yeah, he look good and he pulled
the ground beneath your feet and you fall
How should he be the one who received you?
An emotional bouncing ball
with a disgusting personality
He look at you like he never known you
Ironically, you can not blame him
look at yourself. You are a mess.
even in your own eyes
You now reached the complete devaluation of yourself.
now, you loather all that you´ve become

You repeat to yourself: This was not mean for you.
You have passed the point where you could call this a bad time.

A bitter taste. A quiet desire for something else...
Modell: Rebecca Edstrand
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